Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main functions of the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB)?

WCB is a State of California Board whose primary purpose is to approve funding for wildlife habitat protection, restoration and wildlife-oriented public access projects. WCB staff work with project proponents to help develop and evaluate project proposals to determine if they are appropriate for funding.

What types of projects will WCB fund?

WCB manages fifteen (15) programs that provide funding opportunities for different types of habitat conservation projects including acquisition, restoration and wildlife-oriented public access. A description of these programs can be found under the Programs link and information on the eligibility requirements and the application process can be found under the Grants link.

Who is eligible to receive grant funds?

Most WCB programs allow funding to federal, state and local public agencies, non-profit organizations and tribes. Refer to the WCB General Grant Guidelines available at the Grants web page.

How are projects selected and prioritized?

WCB relies on the biological expertise of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to help recommend and prioritize projects. It is recommended all project proponents contact their regional CDFW office for project review and recommendation.

What types of project costs can be funded?

For the most part, WCB only funds capital outlay costs. These are also referred to as implementation, purchase, and construction costs. WCB does fund non-project specific planning, research, and studies in some programs. When evaluating projects, WCB often prefers projects that are ready for implementation with all or most of the planning, design, permitting, or other pre-implementation costs completed.

Is there a calendar/schedule for submitting project proposals?

Proposal applications can be submitted at any time - see the Grants link for more information.

When and how often does WCB approve projects?

The Board meets a minimum of four times a year. A calendar of the actual dates can be found on our web page. All necessary project agreements should be executed and in the hand of WCB project managers at least two-three months prior to being considered for approval by the Board.

Is there a match requirement?

Most programs do not require a specific match requirement; however, in almost all cases projects that include significant funding matches from other sources will be evaluated more favorably.

Is there a limit to the amount of funding that can be requested?

No, however high cost projects do rank higher if they have secured matching dollars. 

How are property values determined?

WCB requires fair market value appraisals be prepared and approved by the Department of General Services for all acquisitions.

Will WCB pay more than the appraised Fair Market Value?


What types of Acquisition projects does WCB fund?

The majority of acquisition projects fall under two main categories, acquisition of fee title and acquisition through conservation easements. In some cases other property rights, such as water, can be separated out and acquired.

What are the requirements for an Appraisal?

WCB requires narrative appraisals completed by certified State of California Appraisers for all acquisitions. In some cases where federal matching funds are included, the appraisal should be completed according to Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisition. Project proponents should contact the assigned WCB project manager to determine appraisal requirements.

Does WCB fund appraisal, title and escrow costs?

WCB does not fund these activities under its grants.

Will WCB provide funding for mitigation properties?

No, however in some cases WCB may partner on projects that include a mitigation component, so long as the mitigation component can be clearly delineated and separated from WCB funding. For example, if mitigation funds are available to acquire 100 acres of habitat, and the property contains an additional 50 acres of prime habitat that can be acquired using additional funds, WCB may provide funding for the additional 50 acres.

Does WCB provide funding for property acquired under the threat of eminent domain?

WCB only funds acquisitions from willing sellers.

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