Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program

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The Wildlife Conservation Board approved ten projects under the Climate Adaptation and Resiliency program at the May 22, 2019 Board meeting, totaling over $4.1 Million in grant funding for efforts that provide climate adaptation and carbon sequestration benefits throughout California.


The Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (Program) was created by AB109 which amended the Budget Act of 2017 to provide $20 million to the Wildlife Conservation Board for local assistance, payable from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). Future grant opportunities under this program may be funded through a similar legislative action, or another funding source. Please be sure you are on the WCB announcement list for future updates.

The intent of this grant program is to fund projects that provide climate adaptation and resilience on California’s natural and working lands. These projects must be consistent with the State’s climate adaptation strategy (Safeguarding California Plan), contribute to the goals of AB 32, support WCB’s Strategic Plan, and help fulfil WCB’s Mission. In addition, projects will be consistent with other statewide plans and priorities, including the California Water Action Plan (CWAP) and California State Wildlife Action Plan 2015 Update (SWAP).

Program funding is directed toward projects that:

  • Protect and restore ecosystems on natural and working lands to provide climate change adaptation and resilience for wildlife.
  • Assist natural and working lands managers in implementing practices that provide climate adaptation and resilience.
  • Facilitate the reduction of GHG emissions.
  • Increase carbon sequestration in natural and working lands, and provide additional social, economic, and environmental benefits, or "co-benefits".

Projects funded under this program will result in enduring benefits to wildlife and help meet the following objectives:

  • Conservation of natural and working lands to benefit climate adaptation and resilience for wildlife.
  • Develop and implement climate adaptation and resiliency projects that prioritize conservation and management of natural and working lands, provide technical assistance for natural and working land managers, and support efforts that improve rural-urban coordination on climate change adaptation.


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How to Apply

Currently there is no funding available under the Program. Please visit this website again for future updates.

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