Oak Woodlands Conservation Program

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The Oak Woodlands Conservation Program offers landowners, conservation organizations, cities and counties, an opportunity to obtain funding for projects designed to conserve and restore California's oak woodlands. While the Program is statewide in nature, it provides opportunities to address oak woodland issues on a regional priority basis.

The Program is designed to help local efforts achieve oak woodland protection. More importantly, this Program provides a mechanism to bring ranchers and conservationists together in a manner that allows both to achieve that which is so valued - sustainable ranch and farming operations and healthy oak woodlands.

Application and Guidelines

While applications are accepted on a year-round basis, the WCB generally meets four times a year. Typically, Board meetings are held in February, May, August and November. All applications that comply with the program requirements and meet program eligibility criteria will be scheduled for Board consideration once the real estate due diligence is completed and sufficient money exists to fund the request. Applicants will be notified as to when the project will be considered by the Board. The Board must approve any project to be funded.

Call (916) 926-2546 with any questions prior to completing an application package.

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