Prop 68 Funding Opportunities

Prop 68 Background

The WCB created by statute in 1947 to conserve California’s wildlife resources and provide for suitable public recreation. WCB currently operates 15 programs that fund acquisition, restoration, and public access projects throughout the State. Proposition 68 provided $275,000,000 to fund a variety of activities. These guidelines are based on the following legislation:

  • Public Resources Code (PRC) section 80000 et seq. – California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018 (Proposition 68); and
  • Fish and Game Code (FGC) section 1300 et seq., which authorizes the WCB Board to acquire property and award grants for fish and wildlife habitat conservation, restoration and for development of compatible public access facilities.

The Proposition 68 allocations (PRC sections 80100[a][3] and 80110[c]) outlined in Section 2.0 of the Guidelines will be used to support WCB’s existing acquisition, restoration, and public access programs (WCB Programs). These funds may be used for any of the following programs: Acquisition, Agricultural Lands, Climate Adaptation, Forest, Habitat Enhancement/Restoration, Lower American River, Oaks, Public Access, Rangeland, Riparian, Streamflow Enhancement, Tax Credit, and Wetlands.

Regional Conservation Investment Strategies

The Wildlife Conservation Board is seeking high-quality grant proposals for the development of Regional Conservation Investment Strategies (RCIS). California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s RCIS program encourages public agencies to develop regional conservation planning documents using the best available science to identify regional conservation priorities and other actions to help California’s species populations that may be vulnerable or declining by protecting, restoring, creating, and reconnecting their habitats. An RCIS is a voluntary, non-regulatory document that provides guidance on actions that, if implemented, would result in effective regional conservation. Any public agency may propose an RCIS that is developed in consultation with local agencies that have land use authority within the RCIS area.

Wildlife Corridor and Fish Passage

Solicitation Available

The Wildlife Conservation Board Wildlife Corridor and Fish Passage solicitation (PDF) under Proposition 68 is currently open. Priorities for this funding include construction of wildlife overcrossings and undercrossings, restoration of natural habitats that provide a visual screen in wildlife corridors, and removal of instream impediments to fish passage. All questions and comments should also be submitted to

Public Access Program

The application period is closed. 

2021 Public Access Proposal Solicitation Notice (PDF)

For more information, please visit our Public Access Program page.

Upper Watershed Restoration Sierra Nevada and Cascade

WCB’s Forest Conservation Program distributes Proposition 68 funds on a competitive basis through the Proposal Solicitation Notice (PSN) process.  WCB is currently accepting applications through a 2019 PSN.

All applicants must complete the online Pre-Application by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on September 10, 2021. WCB will then invite select applicants to submit full proposals. Further information about the PSN and application can be found here:

For more information visit our Forest Conservation Program page.

Lower American river Conservancy Program

WCB receives high quality grant proposals for the Program through annual Proposal Solicitation Notices (PSN). PSN announcements will be released through the WCB Home page, the Program web page, and the Program's subscriber list.

For more information please visit our Lower American River Conservancy Program page.

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